Christmas – Day 10

The tenth day of Christmas and my dog has high expectations.

I grab a quick lunch while we are out on the road

It’s been busy and I think with longing for our abode.

But to the park where I will adopt other concentrations.


We are the first there, but not for very long.

The husky, greyhounds, and bulldog are right behind

Then the dachshunds, a Doberman, and Dalmatian soon find

Their way to the gate, now they are ten dogs strong.


Now it is time to get down to brass tax

And they all take off in a full fuzzy fury

Greyhounds out front, the dachshunds last as they scurry.

In the end it is a like a massive doggie attack.


A hurricane of fur trying to take it all in

And all of us laugh as they fall into disarray.

Well for this kind of chaos that is the price they will pay.

Coming together they decide to begin again.


Ten dogs not quite sure how to contain all of the glee.

Ten dogs who are all a sheer joy to see.

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