Christmas – Day 11

The eleventh day of Christmas arrives without ceremony.

I take on the morning chores and it slips into afternoon

Suddenly I realize it will be sunset soon.

We rush to the car and head to the park with one certainty.


He is the last to arrive of all the dogs who have been coming of late.

He is anxious and antsy as I try to park

He rushes me with his whimpering, whining, then finally a bark.

He pulls and he tugs until finally we reach the gate.


Unleashed he is surrounded by all of his friends.

This latest arrival gets them hyper and anxious to play

And I’m glad that we came instead of skipping for the day.

This time at the park is something on which he’s come to depend.


After the initial greeting the dogs seem almost sedated.

Like old friends meeting up they just like having each other close by

The rules of engagement do not always apply.

Then the time arrives that my dog most of all hated.


Eleven dogs wagging their tails in farewell.

Eleven dogs departing for home on the day to dwell.

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