Christmas – Day 12

The last day of Christmas, day number twelve

We know where we’re going, but there is a surprise at the door

The world is blanketed in white, as if to foreshadow what is in store.

We get in the car delighted within ourselves.


First to the park, we slowly walk to the gate

I take pictures of the beautifully white field

Annoying my dog who does not want to yield.

Then we are in, and now my dog feels great.


As he runs around rolling about in the snow

His friends start to arrive each as excited by the surprise

You can see how eager they are in their eyes.

Then again it was something I already know.


All of the humans huddle to the side

Laughing as they dogs play

And wanting to stay the whole day

So we take the cold in stride.


Twelve dogs having the time of their lives;

Twelve dogs reminding us from whence happiness derives.

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