Christmas – Day 3

The third day of Christmas announces it has arrived

I take my dog out to run some errands at noon

Bouncing with excitement, he knows what is coming soon

So it is then our next stop I decide.


Pulling up to the park there are two dogs on the run

Jumping and chasing in a game of wagging tails

Proudly hoisted like a boat at full sail

And my dog joins in the game in the waning sun.


His two playmates today are newly retired greyhounds.

Although my poor boy has not a chance

He still joins the joyful dance

Where all canines are welcome to feel the excitement around.


My dog is most interested in the odd way the dogs go.

At the hint of something different they start to twirl

Then across the field they now themselves hurl.

It’s a great game of which my boy did not know.


Three dogs run at a chaotic pace

Three dogs come back a tired smile on their face.

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