Christmas – Day 4

The fourth day of Christmas is a little rainy, a little wet

But this does not appear to be a point for concern

That is the diagnosis that my dog can discern.

With that attitude he is now set.


I finally give in and we head to the park

Where three Dachshunds are romping

That is my dog’s hint to go stomping

Into the area like a school of small fish and a great white shark.


Today’s play is a little tamer than the previous two.

The four dogs mostly feel happy to just sniff

Perhaps because the rain makes my boy feel stiff.

I’m glad to see they can interact without much ado.


There is mud that would normally be such a lovely attraction

To my boy but with these guys he’s more careful

And all three move around quite cheerful

In the presence of each other, it’s the perfect distraction.


Four dogs playing peacefully for a bit

Four dogs pleased to be together and sit.

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