Christmas – Day 6

The sixth day of Christmas I’m not feeling so well.

There’s no way I’ll be able to take him out for a walk

I’m losing my voice so I can barely talk.

But he’s a dog he reads intentions and it’s an easy sell.


Guilty that he will not get a walk, I bundle up and we go

Fortunately it’s warmer today so we arrive in the afternoon

Fortunately for me today’s trip is most opportune

As five dogs romp out on the field doing what they do.


My dog takes off joining a husky, bulldog, two chows, and a mutt,

But only we humans pay attention to the breed

To the dogs is all about sowing excitement and a friendly seed.

Perhaps they are wiser though less articulate.


Our time there is short, but it is more than enough.

My dog receives no downtime upon reaching the guys

It’s all about chasing, and they flee for the skies.

I shake my head and wish life was always this rough.


Six dogs playing a game in unseasonable warm.

Six dogs stirring up a massive dust storm.

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