Christmas – Day 7

The seventh day of Christmas and I know we won’t stop.

Groggy I roll out of bed and into some clothes

I reach for my shoes and come face to face with my boy’s nose.

Laughing I leash him unable to deny this four-legged park cop.


To my surprise there are already a number of dogs there.

Mine makes the fifth and he takes off with reckless abandon

A testament to the effect of a day graced with a wintery sun

I lean back and watch with a mindless stare.


Two more dogs arrive, bringing the total to seven.

The other dogs greet them with all the care in the world

Two little dogs wagging their cute little dogs that are curled,

Watching them you’d think it was little doggie heaven.


An assortment of games breaks out at that point

I guess it’s too much to keep the attention of all

They are so different, some tall and some small

Aged different, and breed, but none are there to disappoint.


Seven dogs playing at different games.

Seven dogs letting us know at time to go that it is a real shame.

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