Christmas – Day 8

The eighth day of Christmas if full of errands and chores.

I think perhaps we won’t make it out so late in the day

So I decide that for once we will stay.

That’s when I’m corrected as my dog ceases to snore.


The sun is sinking as we get to the gate

And I am surprised that there are already seven dog at play

So mine takes off without delay

His play confirming that today is also great.


Many of the dogs that we have seen there have returned

So it is more of a welcoming home

As if my dog was a prodigal who went out to roam

And is now welcomed back as if the others have yearned.


I join the people as we watch the dogs divide into teams

Hanging out with the others with similar tastes

Then it is clear there is no time to waste.

They go to their “work” with enthusiasm it seems.


Eight dogs enjoying the end of the day.

Eight dogs don’t worry about having the right thing to say.

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