Christmas – Day 9

The ninth day of Christmas and I decide to sleep in.

By the sound of his snores I know my dog can agree

Today is about being entirely lazy

And after all that we’ve done it’s the best way to begin.


When we finally rouse ourselves we decide to go out.

Instead of a walk I hope to find lots of dogs at the park.

Let them tire him out while I watch from the sides like a lark.

We’re both please to see there are five dogs about.


He heads over as three more dogs arrive at the scene.

It’s really quite wonderful to watch as they join up to meet

Watching the interaction, I decide to take a seat

I laugh as they appear to break up into teams.


Each little group has a different task to do

Some went off to sniff and claim new grounds

Others were distracted by other doggie sounds.

And I was left in my daydreams to stew.


Nine dogs enjoying a lazy day to the fullest extent;

Nine dogs at the park all with the same happy intent.

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