A More Subtle Approach to Life

Older dogs are quite good at a lot of things that their young selves didn’t do so well.
The subtle approach to enjoying life is something that you learn to watch
As your old girl slows down and is limited in what she can do.
The way she wags her tail or the look in her eyes when she looks at you,
These are the best ways to see what she thinks of what is going on.
Her old eyes still sparkle and shine, and they act a bit like a Rorschach
Because you can read into them whatever you want
But after all of this time, no one knows her the way that you do,
So what you see in those eyes is far more likely to reflect the way that she feels.
Her subtlety probably does not escape you, as you had a few years that gave you a sneak preview.

Dogs age much faster once they reach a certain age.
You can see them slow down and start to have trouble with more energetic endeavors.
This is when you really need to pay attention to how they express themselves.
Whether she is unable to climb stairs or can no longer stretch up to pull treat from the shelves,
It’s these little signs that let you know that your dog is making the transition.
And this is when you need to learn how to read the subtle changes, light old age levers
These small things early on show you exactly how your dog will adapt.
If you watch the little things, you can better prepare to help the old girl
When every day tasks become so much harder to accomplish with such old bones.
Usually the excitement is visible in the eyes and tail, when your attention is better than every toy.

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