Increased Time Out of Doors

When your dog reaches the golden years, that’s when you start to spend more time outside.
It isn’t that you are playing and getting tired beyond your ability to walk,
But by the time you return, odds are good your pooch is ready for a nice long nap.
Though the walks are no longer brisk, and you may find boredom as you stroll at a snail’s pace,
It’s some quality time watching your dog enjoy all the little things in the wide open space.

At first this can be problematic as walks seem to take nearly forever.
You have things to do! You don’t have time for this slow as a turtle walk!
That is when you need to stop and look at how pleased your dog is.
The white on her face emphasizes the years she’s spent with you,
Yet the excitement she has for each blade reminds you there’s nothing more important to do.

She’s more than content, she’s genuinely happy to be out in fresh air.
For a moment you are taken a back
All you can do is stand and stare.
Then a smile crosses your face as she moves to the next shrub.
Her old legs causing her to stumble. You reach down and giver her back a rub.

That’s when you realize you are rushing to do things that are of no real significance.
It’s this time outside in the sun, rain, or snow that you will remember in a few years
When your old girl has passed on and you wish she were still present.
She’s learned to appreciate the things she can do, a great lesson for us all.
Such a sweet, simplistic lesson can help you realize that your priorities need a real overhaul.

Being outside, no matter what the weather or the condition,
Is something that most of us don’t do nearly enough.
Your old girl can help you remember the fun that you are missing while rushing around
And spending all of your time inside completing chores and passively watching screens.
It’s a great inspiration to head outside and enjoy the browns, blues, and greens.

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