The Joy of Dinner Time and a New Dance

The exuberance of young dogs at dinner time can be entertaining,
But it doesn’t take long until it becomes more of a nuisance.
As your dog ages, the dance becomes tame, but no less excited.
Instead of knocking you over, that food bowl is awaited and invited.

The twirling and bouncing is probably not something the old bones can do.
That does not mean your dog’s dancing days are done.
It’s quite enjoyable to see how that elated dance evolves
As the limits of the body your dog ingeniously solves.

Watch as the front paws prance, it belies the excitement inside.
The way the tail wags all over without rhythm or rhyme,
However, there is not doubt it wags for a very specific reason.
Supper time! To nearly every dog it’s the best time, regardless of the season.

The original dance still exists within that sweet, old frame.
Just look closely at the way those eyes sparkle and shine.
It lets you know that the meal is still every bit as anticipated
And despite the calmer movement, your dog is every bit as elated.

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