The Joys of a Good Stretch and Roll

Young dogs tend to stretch, roll, romp, and run.
Older dogs have found that the real joy is in the first two.
It’s a lesson most people learn while still young.
There’s nothing quite like a good stretch first thing in the morning
Or a nice roll down a grassy knoll to make you feel alive.
Mature dogs don’t need the morning or a hill
To find the thrill of these little pleasures.
A trip to the backyard on a warm day is more than enough.
Watch as your dog trots over to a favorite spot,
Then flops down with a groan or dramatic hrumpf.
This is followed by the old bones rolling
Until that belly is pointed full at the sun,
And then the dog just rolls and rolls,
And stretches each limb.
It’s a sheer pleasure to watch as your dog finds happiness,
A contentment and thrill in the simplest of things.
Once the roll and stretch are over,
Your mature pooch gets that far away look
And a grin appears on either side of that lolling tongue.
There’s no reason to resist the urge to join in,
To lie down beside the old dog and enjoy the sun.
Stretch and get comfortable as the sunshine sinks in.
Your dog will love the extra attention that ensues,
And it will make your day a little brighter as you take a break.

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