Learning to Relax

Old age teaches many lessons, and dogs are known for learning well.
No matter the energy of days gone by, old dogs learn to sit back and chill.
Their favorite thing to do now is to be with you, they are happy just to dwell.
When it comes to resting, they no long feel it is something you can overkill.
Keep in mind they can still get excited, even if they lack the energy of a long-lived Duracell.

You’ll find they take to resting directly beneath your feet,
Finding comfort in being in your general vicinity.
It doesn’t hurt if you drop some crumbs or offer a people food treat,
That’s one bonus of being near, but it’s really your presence to which they have an affinity.
They will wait patiently to see where you sit before they finally decide to take a seat.

It’s this kind of love and devotion that really makes the later years so enjoyable.
Your dog is there waiting for a momentary pat or just a little bit of interaction.
To you they want to ensure their head is always readily available,
That way you will feel loved as you, setting off a chain reaction.
You feel less stress, and your dog gets a bit of extra affection.

Some dogs take longer to learn this trick because not all creatures feel natural when they relax.
Dogs are no exception – if they are accustomed to action and doing, sitting still can be a chore,
But as old age sets in and their bodies aren’t as capable, they learn to be a bit more lax,
No longer pushing themselves to do and play – instead the focus is on rest and maybe a bit of a snore.
Still it’s nice to see them pleased with a bit of attention, knowing that for the day that is the climax.

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