Out for a Walk

Old dogs are still the same pups that you fell in love with years ago,
And whatever their opinion was about walking on the leash,
That sentiment still rings quite true,
Even if their legs can’t take them the distance they used to demand
Or accomplish the speeds that made it real exercise.
Despite all of this, your pup still needs to get out for a stroll.
Perhaps you have to reduce it to a short trip around the block
Or a ride in the car to a small park
Making the ride longer to keep your dog excited.
It’s worth the reduced distance and speed
Just to see that look of pleasure on your old dog’s face.
The smells and the feel of the wind remind your dog
Of the days gone past and that the world’s still there.
Just because the walks are short
And the speed is a quarter what it used to be
Doesn’t mean that you should stop walking altogether.
No, this is the time when the walks are about the pleasure of existing.
Learn from your dog just what a leisurely walk means.
It’s the best way to be reminded that nothing lasts forever,
But things don’t have to last to be enjoyed.
Your dog is still with you, making sure you get out of doors
If only for a little while.
And that time together is more enjoyable because the tugging,
The pulling, and the easy distractions are gone.
It’s just you and the old dog out enjoying the world.

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