Shifting Priorities

Older dogs can help you realize so many things.
They way they choose to deal with new limitations
Is quite honestly one of the world’s best inspirations.

When the old boy wants to welcome you home,
He may not be able to get up to greet you at the door
And so he adapts and happily wags his tail on the floor.

The idea of play has pretty much gone by the wayside.
All he really wants to do now is sit happily at your feet
And feel the sustained petting, and that’s really sweet.

The focus of walks now turns to sniffing each blade of grass
Going as often as possible to claim all of the land.
Considering his age, it’s easy to understand.

The joy and excitement your dog used to feel
When greeting another dog is far more muted today.
A simple hello is really all he needs to say.

One of the few things that probably hasn’t changed
Is your dog’s adoration of food
And giving more treats, if you loved him you would.

The need for playtime is nearly gone in the golden years.
Replaced by a desire just to be near.

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