The Greatest Gift

Old dogs are one of the greatest gifts a person can have.
All those memories are treasures you wouldn’t change for anything.
You can still see the dog that was in the face that now is.
Though limited and not nearly as energetic as once your dog was,
The love is still there for you to see with everything your dog does.

You may miss the activities that you enjoyed as you first started to bond,
And your dog probably does too, after all, those days were fun beyond belief.
Though if you were to be honest, not having to go out as often can be a relief.
Those joys are replaced by the closeness that comes with close, unquestioning friendship,
Helping you feel comfortable with silence in your dog’s devoted companionship.

If you want to get another dog, your old pooch can help teach all of the ropes.
Though limited in activity, and possibly quick to put the pup down,
This can go a long way to helping a young dog to more quickly understand the human frown.
It’s like a tag team event with your old dog coaching what your facial expressions mean,
That way the dog learns how to behave, good, bad, or somewhere in between.

When you feel down, that’s when an old dog can really provide the most comfort.
After all of the years, your dog knows exactly how to react to help make you feel better,
Coming to your side and either resting where you can decompress as you run your fingers through fur.
Some will place their face in your lap and tell you they are sorry with their eyes.
These are the golden years your dog and for you, a friendship that never truly dies.

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