The Way the Home Changes

Having an older dog means making a few modifications to the home,
Nothing extreme or that will cost you a small bundle,
Just a few simple things to keep your old girl from injury or pain.
The changes can be for when you are present or when your pooch is alone.

Areas that are tile, vinyl, or wood, your dog can no longer get traction,
And that causes slipping and falling which can do serious harm.
It’s an easy fix, just get an old rug or remnant carpet to put down
That gives your old boy safety to walk, giving you a nice degree of satisfaction.

The dog’s bedding is something you’ll probably update.
Your sweet old boy probably gets cold easier,
So you add more blankets to the area to help him stay warm.
Now when he lies down, the warmth – it feels great.

Then there’s the stuffing that you add to help keep his joints off the ground.
A pillowy bed can help keep him more comfortable without causing a fuss
It’s also a nice exercise for him to paw it into comfy submission.
The liveliest you may see him is when he finds his comfort zone after walking around and around.

If you have stairs, you may get a ramp to assist in getting around the home or outside.
This really depends on the dog’s size, but in most cases it is a boon,
Especially when you need to get your dog into the car.
In most cases you need to make sure it is sturdy and wide.

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