Transforming Transgressions

When your pup is young, the number of transgressions can be a serious source of frustration.
Chewing on everything and being generally disruptive to everything and everyone,
It’s a real chore to keep from being permanently irritated and sore.

Then comes adulthood where your dog has learned all the ropes.
Of course, that does not mean your dog obeys every minute of every day,
And boy or girl, that dog will do what it pleases when you’re gone, knowing full well it will pay.

All of these issues take a completely different turn once the dog hits old age.
Sure there’s the knowledge that these actions are wrong,
But looking at that familiar face now coated in grey, the anger and annoyance aren’t nearly so strong.

Transgressions don’t seem nearly so bad as they did when the dog was younger.
With old age comes a very different kind of filter of how you perceive bad behavior.
Perhaps it’s because you know it was much harder, or maybe the affinity for your dog is now greater.

There’s something endearing about an old dog that gets up to old mischievous actions.
The things that are wrong for your dog to do take on a whole new meaning,
Knowing your dog can still do stuff makes picking up feel a lot less like cleaning.

It’s not quite pride, rather something akin to seeing the dog he or she used to be.
Knowing that despite the aging body, that is the same dog who’s been with you through the years.
Having this knowledge can make the misbehavior start to bring you to tears.

There is so much your canine can no longer do, but here’s one trick still in the paw.
And so right or wrong, it seems not to matter, not a little, not at all.

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