Afghan – A Long Legacy

An Afghan hound is one of the most stunning creatures you will ever see.
They look more like a creature from a fairy tale than a part of daily life.
If you ever encounter one, you will have no doubt about that it is an Afghan hound.

First, they are tall and slim as most sight hounds tend to be.
But you can’t see their bodies for the long, luxurious fur not often seen in wildlife.
The fur is like silk and flows hypnotically as they move nearly without a sound.

They love to run and can be seen out on a coursing field dominating most other breeds.
Not great to have if you have smaller pets (like cats) in the house,
They were trained to run for hunting or protection, and that instinct remains strong.

They are elegant almost all of the time, from when one sleeps to when one feeds.
And they tend to be as quiet as the tiniest, most reserved mouse.
With other larger dogs and most people they tend to get along.

The first cloned dog in the world was an Afghan, and he’s still alive today.
This breed has made its way into films, like Balto and 101 Dalmatians,
Because they are so distinctive, it is impossible to miss one on the screen.

For all of their pomp and intellectual look, it’s all gone when you get one to play.
The way an Afghan’s tongue lolls out triggers a laughing sensation.
Then as the hound romps ,its hair flying about, you can see just what play time means.

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