Airedales – King of the Terrier

When you see an Airedale, there is no doubt about the breed.
From the box like face and stereotypical dog frame
This larger breed of dog reminds you of a square.
But they belong to a breed that loves to play nearly any game.
To round off the squarish appearance, they have short, curly hair.

They are actually called the king of the terrier
Because they are the largest of the various terrier breeds.
With their bangs falling into their face in a strange kind of crown
You can imagine these guys lording over a festival indeed.
Nothing but fun and excitement for all terriers around.

They are generally more friendly than small dogs of their type
But you have to be careful because they tend to play rough.
They also make great guard dogs as they love to protect.
That doesn’t mean you have to keep them penned in and stuff.
This breed can be friendly to strangers; it’s just danger they intercept

Airedales are known to have more brains than a typical dog.
If you want to take the time to train
They will learn their lesson and can do some interesting tricks.
But remember, they are hunters by nature, they are not to blame
If a chipmunk goes past and the lesson fails to stick.

They do require that you spend time with them a good bit outside.
As a working dog, they have energy and stamina galore.
They aren’t a great dog if you are a couch potato
If you love to jog though, they will eagerly help you out the door.
At the end of a long, hard day, an Airedale is like a furry, excited rainbow.

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