Akita’s come from the beautiful, snowy regions of the northern mountains of Japan.
They are not small, not by anyone’s account, nor are they overly large.
Known to be of the Spitz breed, and they certainly look the part,
They look like the kind of dog who is more often than not in charge.

With an extremely friendly face and a cute curl to their tail,
Akitas look like the kind of dog that would love to play.
Their short, thick fur is similar to a husky’s, which is also misleading,
Because these dogs are not the kind who enjoys most company over the day.

They have little love for people they do not know and aren’t known to beg.
The Akita lacks many of the behaviors you expect of a family dog.
If you like to host parties and have strangers in your house,
The Akita won’t be happy, like a werewolf in a fog.

However, in terms of loyalty, you really can’t find a better breed.
This loving breed nearly died out during the 20th century so rife with war,
But the loyalty of one brought them back from the brink.
And in terms of loving their people, unconditional love is in their repertoire.

They don’t care for other dogs, and aren’t fond of sharing.
With you and your kids, they are very open and caring.
It’s the kind of dichotomy you find in people where they love only those they know
And shun those they know nothing about, perhaps that is why their families love them so.

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