Bassets – Short, Stout, and Loveable

When you see a Basset Hound you will think the dog is sad.
The ears hang down and the eyes are drooped,
With jowls that sag, like a sobbing cry the poor Bassets had.
When you pass this breed it’s nearly impossible not to be stopped
By your desire to put a smile on the dog’s face.
All you need is a look at the tail and your feeling will be swapped
Because Basset Hounds are just as happy as any other pup
Which you can tell as the tail goes flip flop.

They are like the hobbits of dogs, happy and contented as can be.
They love pretty much everyone and everything that they see.
Though they are short, they are rather large and long.
All a Basset Hound needs to do is stop to sniff rather carefree
And you will be nervous that soon she’ll be tripping on her ears.
To see them run is quite a sight for the family
With skin, jowls, and ears flapping all about
No Basset is known for being very speedy.

Yet they are the perfect dog for any age group
Because they are low key and happy, despite how they look.
If you are looking for protection, they aren’t known for attacking,
But their booming voice leaves would-be thieves running after their knees have shook.
Daily strolls are the height of their day, and they love meeting people or dogs.
At your feet they will rest as you sit and read a book.
When it comes to families and companions, Bassets are always a great choice.
Thinking them sad, well their tails will help you see past that hook.

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