Beagles – Best Friend Indeed

Beagles have long been one of the most popular dogs in the world.
Friendly and energetic, they are quite entertaining to watch.
They have brown spots atop their short-haired coats.
Get them too excited and you’ll see them dance and twirl.

They are small which means they fit well into any home
Similar in color to the Bassett Hound, they look so much happier
Not at all like they are depressed or unloved
Unless you are forced to call them in a very firm tone.

Though they are little, these pups are quite tough.
They have been a part of hunting packs for a very long time
But to interact with one it’s hard to imagine they would attack anything at all.
Their barks are bit out of place, somewhat low oddly enough.

The most well-known Beagle was probably Snoopy,
But they have had places on so many different shows
And in books you will find they appear often as a friend and guide.
They are the best when a person’s spirits are droopy.

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