Borzoi – Beauty and Grace

A rather rare breed, the Borzoi looks much like a mix of an afghan and greyhound.
With fur much shorter compared to the first, it is more than four times longer than the second.
When they are running, the fur helps to muffle some of the sound.

Tall and elegant, the Borzoi by all accounts has a very regal appearance.
Unlike the others, the Borzoi is actually rather intelligent, not just about speed.
It can be trained to do more than just run off into the distance.

They are very obedient and can be taught to protect, although they really aren’t the best choice.
Hounds are great at one or two things, but they prefer to have their own plans.
As long as you want them to do what they love, they will always listen to your voice.

You do have to prove yourself to this dog before she will obey.
If it seems like you don’t have the authority or firmness to take the lead,
A Borzoi will believe that ignoring you is perfectly ok.

They require a good bit of grooming, though not as much as you may suspect
Because this dog is more like a cat in that she loves to be clean.
Still, a dog can only do so much, so their longer fur you should not neglect.

It is best to socialize them when young, or plan to keep them away from smaller creatures.
The need to chase is strong and they won’t understand that it’s wrong.
But if you want a dog that is noble and that loves you, the Borzoi’s perfect in temperament and features.

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