Boxers – Bold, Brave, and Beautiful

The name of this breed says nearly all that is needed.
A boxer looks very much like a large friendly box.
From the head that’s so square to the body that’s geometrically slender,
Boxers appear to be extremely dignified indeed.
It takes but one interaction to see that they for food or for fun they will plead.

Apart from their shape, there are actually many different types.
One of their best loved features is how much they love to play
And as working dogs, they have energy to spare.
Take out a rope and move it back and forth in a few swipes
And the boxer will happily join you, no question or gripes.

They are rather large, but don’t let that fool you at all.
For boxers are among some of the smartest of dogs.
They were among the first to be used in policing because they are easy to train,
And when they sense danger to their loved ones they are scary when they stand tall.
In determination and bravery, they have amazing wherewithal.

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