Bulldogs – Brave Pups You Learn to Adore

One of the most popular dogs for any sports team, the bulldog looks really quite mean.
With a squarish head and a wrinkled, old-looking face, the look similar to grumpy old men.
Their eyes are beady, and their teeth may stick out under their nose like a snarl
And they look like football players, with their stout muscular frames
And that is why they are often used as the mascot of many games.

But the truth about bulldogs is that they are actually a wonderful family dog.
They are loyal to a fault and aren’t usually too bright.
They want little more than to spend time doing whatever with you
And playtime is one of the best things to their doggie mind
Which is why they will chase their tail or that nub on their behind.

There are two common types, the English and American
And they look quite different, with the English bulldog giving a bit more of a scare
Because they tend to have the teeth protruding just under their pushed in nose.
But their adorable tails curl in and look like a stuffed animal’s in the end.
Just a little bit of play time and into laughing fits you will descend.

Even better than that, they have the stereotypical triangular doggie ears.
Give them a call and watch how those ears perk right up,
Creating two little caverns on the tops of their head,
Their eyes open wide watching you as call out their name.
A tilt of the head and they know it’s time to play your game.

They can be protective, and their reputation is not an entire fabrication,
So you have to train them well and with love so that they understand when they’re too rough,
But with the right amount of care, it’s a true labor of love
Because a bulldog is faithful and protective of those in its pack
If you take care of your bulldog, that bulldog will always have your back.

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