Chihuahua – A Tiny Bundle to Tend

These little creatures inspire emotions at either extreme.
They are tiny and their hair can look almost like it’s not there.
A Chihuahua will always fit in a book bag
They look less like dogs, and are often compared to rats,
And as often as not, they are too afraid to take on any cats.

What most people love is that they do not get big,
And if you want a lap dog, you have nearly the perfect one here.
Incredibly affectionate, they can be brave with the unseen.
Put them on one side of the door and they will bark at the slightest noise
And potential break-ins, this is the perfect defense to employ.

They are like an eternal baby that needs constant love and adoration.
They will let you know that you are the center of their world
And will be right there beside you on the floor or the couch.
They hate to be left behind, and so they’ve learned to adapt
Watching their little legs go, you’ll be hypnotized, rapt.

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