Chinese Crested Dog – A Small Near Furless Playmate

These dogs are truly unique, which you know at a glance.
With only the right shape to let you know they’re a dog,
The Chinese crested dog looks like it’s been shaven quite clean
And perhaps that is why they look so silly and lean.
If you’ve a small home, this girl you should give a chance.

While they require exercise and attention, crested is a small breed
Which means you can play with her inside to tire her out.
If you live in a place where it rains often or is cold
This is great news as on the idea of going out she cannot be sold.
Of course there are also these little pups to feed.

With hair on their heads and a bit around their feet,
The final fuzz runs along on her tail.
The rest of the dog is usually as bald as can be
Which is why she seems strange when one you first see.
It becomes clear when one’s had too much to eat.

Play with her vigorously to keep her happy and tame,
That way you don’t have to take her out
To suffer in the cold or the rain.
With fuzzy heads that look like a mane,
It’s easy to love these bald babes all the same.

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