A New Special Friend

No matter where in the world you live

There is always that special dog in a shelter waiting for you

Hundreds of dogs that come from all over,

Every breed,

Every shape and every size to be found


These dogs want someone to love,

To protect,

And to care for


They long to find that special someone that will love and care for them too

These dogs will devote their lives to you

They will never judge you

Every person has a special doggie that they are destined to meet

Keep your eyes open

Because they are waiting for you at the shelter

So hop in the car

And come on by


It’s time to open your heart

And let their love pour in

Because that special dog is waiting there for you


A dog you can hold and cradle in your arms

Ever so tight

A dog you can cuddle with at night

As they snuggle in between your sheets

Right before you shut the light

And say goodnight…


Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up to that special dog, standing right by your bedside?

Staring you in the eyes

As his love PAWS out to you!


You know it would

So come on by

And adopt a new, special friend today!


Save a life,

Make a memory

And cherish all the special moments you make together!


To different creatures,

Bonded together as one

As the love you create for each other will bring you eternal happiness that will last a lifetime… 

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