I’ll Be There by Your Side


 May you always have a dog by your side,

Watching out for you in all the things, you do

To show you love the way dogs do


Especially when times get tough

Through their cuddles, licks and ways of affection

They remind us to keep believing in brighter days

Helping to strengthen us so we can believe that our hopes and dreams will one day come true


Showing us that all positive things are possible

If we believe and stay positive as they do,

Because even when they get hurt they strive to get better

They show their strength and perseverance through their determination to get better and to never give up

They are like a train that keeps on chugging no matter how old the engine

They’re the type of animal you always want by your side,

May you always have love and comfort from a dog who loves you

A dog to cradle your wounds

And to love you unconditionally

A dog that encourages your dreams

By strengthening your hope with their love

Inspiring happiness,

Walking by your side,

Sitting on your lap,

Through it all 

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