Thinking Of Gus While on the Bus

As I sit on the bus

All I can think about is my dog, “Gus”

His furry little ears,

His big brown eyes,

Filled with unconditional love

His body feels so soft just like a dove



The bus suddenly comes to a stop

And you can hear the doors pop

I pop up from my seat

In less than a second of a beat

I dash out of the door

And pop out into the street


As I gaze straight ahead

As the sun gleams down on me

I see my dog, “Gus” waiting for me


Our eyes connect,

Both our bodies fill with excitement

As we quickly run toward each other

As he hops in to my arms


I hug him tight


I missed you too Gus!


I bent down toward the ground

To pick up his toy mouse

As we ran toward the house

I pushed opened the door

As “Gus” jumped up on me

I toppled to the ground as he licked my face

“Hee, Hee, Hee”

I love you, “Gus”!

I missed you so much!

I am so lucky to have right next to me

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