Two Dogs in the Mist of Love

Oh, Jenna I love you as they say,

The bond between us dog lovers can never stray

We are two best buddies bonded together as one


Oh Jenna,

Oh Jenna,

You mean so much to me,

My tan furry friend


The way you gaze into my eyes,

The things that you bark and the things you do,

Mean oh so much to me


I love the time we spend together

Every moment is a memory to be remembered

A memory to treasure and hold in my heart forever


Fetching sticks at the dog park,

Running circles around the swing

Watching the mailman walk up our driveway

As we give him a big loud bark




When we are together, we connect with sparks

I enjoy being with you,

Every moment,

Every minute of the day


You are much better than that dog named Heather who lives across the way.

Trust me my love I pay her no mind!


We always play outside when the weather is warm

We play ball with the other dogs

We eat our owner’s cheese steak hogs

When they look the other way

You are the one and only best friend for me

We are soul mates

Who do everything as one


Would you still be with me if I gained a lot of weight?

Our relationship is great!

We have a lot of fun

I love you, my sweet precious friend

You are the only one

For me…

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