Guilt Trip

Prince was quite used to getting his way
Until Princess arrived one cruel day.
The lap of luxury had been all he’d known
Now it was time to reap what he’d sown.
The heart of his reign had been on his throne
A comfortable bed in the heart of the home.
Then one day there came a cat to his land
And that is when things really got out of hand.
For having spent time scaring people away,
A task that was his, one he would never delay,
He headed to bed to rest for a while
Only to find an interloper in his place with a smile.
It would have been cute the way the kitty sat like a pea
But Prince knew that was not the way it should be.
The bed was his and his all alone
Now here was Prince in his spot like a stone.
Unsure what to do he plopped down with a stare
Wondering how to make her move from there.
His eyes opened wide with a miserable look
So there was no the cat could mistook
Exactly the thoughts going through Princes head
But now he could only look on with dread.
Princess stretched then closed her proud eyes
No guilt lived in there, her enjoyment undisguised.

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