Maybe Just a Poke

Palmer was always an excitable dog
Friendly and loving it was hard not to love him.
But to a cat like Baxter, the dog’s energy was a source of bother.
Every chance Baxter got he would attempt a new type of torment.

It didn’t take long for Baxter to see a perpetual problem.
No matter what he did, Palmer always thought he meant to play.
Hissing and arching were taken as that kind of sign
Before long Palmer was bowing and jumping, and Baxter could not stay.

Finally one day when Palmer was busy jumping about
Baxter decided to take the first bed that he found.
It was Palmer’s, and clearly that dog showed no signs of needing sleep
So Baxter lay down and in seconds he was sleeping so soundly.

Who knew how long passed but Baxter woke to a surprise.
Palmer was looking down on him a curious look on his face.
Baxter blinked once, then twice.
Why was the dog bothering him in his currently sleeping space?

Baxter lay down tired from a day of moving about
And stared at the cat who showed no sign of moving.
With a tentative paw
Palmer stretched forward causing the claws to come out.

Baxter was fast and in the blink of an eye
He had returned the paw with a claw.
Palmer jumped up afraid of this cruel trick Baxter played
A sad look in his eyes and a slack feeling in his jaw.

Too afraid of what the cat could do
Palmer slunk off to the other side of the room to rest.
His playmate unwilling to give back the bed.
Baxter was pleased, clearly taking the dog’s bed was what worked best.

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