Moving Mountains

Teacup was small, even smaller than the cat
And so the kitty thought that she ruled the land
That anything she wanted was automatically hers
Until the one day Teacup had had enough
And realized that Twinkles wasn’t so tough.

It happened one day as Teacup decided to sleep
After spending some time on the couch looking out
And frequently at passersby she would shout.
Tired from this she wanted only to rest
Only to find on her bed a brand new type of test.

So weary she look at the cat with surprise
Not understanding why Twinkles was on her bed.
The cat surely knew that he bed was elsewhere
So way all of the sudden was he in her spot?
This she wouldn’t abide, she would not.

Grabbing a corner of her bed and giving it a firm shake
Teacup took Twinkles by surprise
The cat unsure what was going on
Stood up on the bed and started in alarm
But Teacup cared not if it did any harm.

She shook and she dragged that bed right along
Until Twinkles realized that he could not win.
When the bed stopped a second he moved out of the way
Heading to the window where the sun would help lick his wounds.
Teacup had won and would win again soon.

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