Please Help Me

Of all of her traits the one that stood out the most
Was that Snowy was no type of a fighter
She was loving and gentle
A regular sweetie to all, guest or host.

When she was first brought home Sid the cat was displeased.
Here was a creature that took up all the attention he ignored
Turning his people into doting fools
Time for him to really put on the squeeze.

First he tormented Snowy with his ferocious nature
But the people quickly put the cat’s attempts down
Reprimanding him!
Oh, what kind of a thing had the brought what was this creature?

So he observed from a far, his tail swaying with his thoughts.
The question wasn’t how to move forward, no not in the least
Having watched the small thing
Sid knew how to torment without getting caught.

Snowy loved to sleep for much of the day.
Though her bed was so similar to his own
Sid was going to steal it
And so get revenge his way.

Snowy could not understand the cat in her bed.
Going to her people she pleaded with her eyes
But they were no help to her horrified surprise.
Her pleas were only met with shaking of their head.

“Snowy, you have to show Sid who’s the boss. Go on girl.”
Snowy had no idea what in the world that could mean.
From one to the other she begged and she pleaded
Whimpering and whining each in their turn.

When it became clear they had no intent to intercede
Snowy decided this was the new way of the world
Dejected and sad she lay down on the cat’s bed, to small for her girth
Her eyes begging anytime a person went passed her in need.

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