Same Sized Threat

Spot was not big, in stature she was small
And that is perhaps why the kitty thought of her not at all.
When it came time for a joyous cat nap,
Peter completely took over any place where he sat.

On that fateful day he happened to plod
Over to a place that was still warm it made him nod.
The truth was that Spot had recently been asleep
Getting up to drink then returning to take a seat.

There in her spot was the cat nestled so snuggly on her bed.
Whatever had happened she knew not what was in the cat’s head,
But she was not about to let things go as they were
It was time to make the cat know it was time to stir.

With vehemence and determination Spot took a step
Disturbing the cat in the place where he slept
His eyes open wide not understanding this, not at all
How could this dog dare when she was so small!

Once Peter realized that Spot was about to plop down
He knew he could do nothing with simply a frown.
With a hiss as he scrambled away from the place
It was Spot who lay down with a wistful smile on her face.

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