Taunting and Tremors

Peaches and Cream were two very similar cats.
That they were brother and sister was totally clear
Because where one went the other would soon steer.

They loved to taunt others
And though the people were the most fun to stun
They came fully armed with horrible water guns.

So to the dog the cats decided to turn.
Chicky was large, not exactly the best food for their sport
But that kind of thinking, well the cats just weren’t that sort.

Their favorite thing to do was to take over her bed
Taunting her from where they lay
She usually turned and walked off with nothing to say.

Finally one day Chicky decided she was too annoyed for their fun.
She had learned one thing from the humans, Peaches and Cream could be beat.
Without thumbs, Chicky knew she had a weapon that was infinitely more neat.

The cats gave her that look of victory as she approached her bed.
Without slowing Chicky kept moving until she was around them
Then she circled and circled making the bed shake like water and cats don’t swim.

The tremors rolling and moving them about with much force
Peaches and Cream were too terrified to stay and fight it out
Finally Chicky had found a way to reclaim her bed, all the cats could do was pout.

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