The Best Resolution

Tia and Tricky got along like their reputation would suggest,
A cat and a dog who were constantly at war
The first day they were together were nothing short of disaster
And the humans wondered if they could keep both in the home
For the fighting was fierce, too much of a test.

When Tia took Tricky’s bed they knew it was all out war.
The kitten and puppy had so much to prove
And Tia was not about to lose.
She took the war to a whole new level by choosing Tricky’s place to snooze.
The humans expected Tricky would be very sore.

Tricky looked down at this fluff ball of an enemy
And with actions much more mature than credited with the young
She did not attack or attempt to remove the cat from her station.
Nor did Tricky look to the people to take up her fight.
The dog had a new strategy for her plight.

The kitten watched as the pupped stepped on to the bed.
With caution and care not shown before
Tricky was able to avoid stepping on Tia’s head.
Wrapping her body around the little cat
Tricky lay down and together they slept like the dead.

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