The Pillow

Fido was old, not one for much messing about
And after all of these years the cat knew it best.
Though Oscar knew it was not much of a deterrent
Because unless one of the humans was sleeping
Fido had the best bed in the house as Oscar had long found out.

So every chance Oscar got he tried for the bed
Until one day Fido decided enough was enough
If the cat wanted the bed that was just fine
His persistence was admirable, it was a sign.
The next time it happened Fido took a new path instead.

He looked down at Oscar in silence
Until finally Oscar opened his eyes just a peek
Exactly what Fido wanted it was all he needed to act.
His eyes fixed on Oscar’s Fido stepped on the bed
Then Fido did something without venom or violence.

He put his head down right on top of the cat’s
Who sat in disbelief at the gall of the dog.
His nap now ruined Oscar wanted to flee
But Fido’s head was too heave and he was already asleep.
For the entire nap Oscar considered the end of an era and was sad about that.

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