The Rumble of Retribution

William the Conqueror was a most unusual dog
A mutt unafraid of letting others know who was boss
He never gave up a fight, never the towel he’d toss,
The story changed not at all when it came to the cat
Especially on days when Fluffy on Will’s bed dropped like a log.

This was a declaration of war
An action far too obscene
It required quick action, no peace or anything in between.
It was war! And so Will brought his big booming voice
As weapons go, it was his favorite, his weapon of choice.

Will got in Fluffy’s face, so close as he started to snarl
The hiss he heard not over the sound in his throat
Rumbling up more threatening than the bleat of a goat.
Soon Fluffy realized this was not time to tease
When Will was in a mood it was no time to sneeze.

With movements so rapid for someone recently asleep
Fluffy bolts for the door as if something forgot
And now a new bed is all Fluffy sought.
The triumph never lived long though as Fluffy didn’t learn
No matter how often Will brought that look that was so stern.

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