The Wall

Hank looked at the problem and Chester could see his brain churn.
Though twice Chester’s size, Hank preferred diplomatic actions.
Violence was not in his soul, peace was his main attraction
Faced with a problem Hank’s mind began to steadily turn.

Processing the image of the cat resting on his bed,
Hank quickly knew that booting Chester was not the best choice
Nor was surrender without giving his objection voice.
There was one way to solve this, not a word need to be said.

It would be delicate a tough trick to pull off with grace,
Doubt ne’er entered Hank’s mind as he assessed how to proceed
Gently, swiftly, and cautiously were the words he would need
He set to his work with a determined look on his face.

Pushing his nose under the pillow rolling Chester right
Hank took left, with the pillow between they slept through the night.

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