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Christmas – Day 2

The day after Christmas (or as some of us call it Christmas Day Two)

We head back to the park to continue our play

With daylight waning we leave the house without delay

Hoping to find a slightly different view.


This time when we get there another dog is there

Bursting with excitement my dog takes off

Leaving me behind my hat and gloves to doff.

Not quite so cold I feel them unnecessary to wear.


Looking at the field I analyze the other fellow

He looks like a lab with a rather large head

And clearly he has never been underfed.

He’s massive, gigantic, and noticeably yellow.


My sweet little mutt and the lab are clearly enjoying this time

Chasing each other and seeing who comes out in a skirmish

And I have to admit the way mine wiggles free is really quite wormish.

Then there’s a call, and I know it’s a sign.


Two dogs at play, just mucking about.

Two dogs answer “Time for home” with their masters’ shout.

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Christmas – Day 1

On Christmas Day we have an established tradition

One that makes sure my dog gets to enjoy it as I do

Instead of leaving him cold we want him to know he has value

And we go fully loaded with the right type of ammunition.


Just the dog and me climb into the car.

He always knows what it means because he is smart.

With energy he moves like a puppy as I give the car a start,

Thankfully our destination isn’t far.


On a day like Christmas there aren’t many people there

Although it is kind of sad at least we will have fun

We play tag and chase even without the presence of the sun.

With a  few playful moves I make him take off in a tear.


Round and round he goes like a creature possessed,

And he only gets happier as I pull out the newest toy.

We laugh and play, me and my favorite boy.

This tradition is great, of full happiness we are possessed.


One dog at the par, racing and prancing around,

One dog so full of life as his paws pound the ground.

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