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Chinook – Charming and Clever

This breed has been growing in popularity over the years because of their great personalities.
Originally bred in the US to help pull sleds, they pretty much have everything a person could want.
With a thick coat of fur and a face like a lab’s, these adorable dogs are pretty big in size.
Spend an hour watching one and you won’t believe your eyes.

Their eyes are always dark and almond in shape with eyebrows that match.
They tend to come in the same color as yellow labs, but with some noticeable differences
Like the black around their maws and tails that look like they take a nearly 90 degree angle up,
These guys look charming whether they are old or just a pup.

Though bred as a working dog, they aren’t nearly as energetic as many of their brethren.
They are pleased to work out with you when you are in the mood for a jog,
But are just as content to flop down for a mid-day snooze
So if you want a dog to walk and take outside, you have nothing to lose.

This breed is known to be loyal, affectionate, and a little too smart.
When nap time is over, she may decide that it’s time to play,
You should probably take the hint and take her out for a short bit
Otherwise you could really be in for it.

She can solve things you wouldn’t believe and get into your stuff.
Of course if you have kids this probably won’t be a problem.
Chinooks are also easy to train if you take the time and are consistent in your approach.
Like all smart dogs, you have to be alpha and let them know you are more than just a coach.

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Chow Chow – Furry Furry

The chow chow looks a lot like a teddy bear with its furry mane and stumpy ears
But it is a look that hides a dog that knows no fear.
Much like the man for whom teddy bears were named, one Theodore Roosevelt,
Chow chows aren’t the kind to be cuddled if they don’t know you well.
If you want a dog that is happy and friendly, of chow chows it is best to steer clear.

However, if it is a dog that is clever and serious that you seek,
You will find the chow chow’s perfect as an intellectual companion.
They are serious to a fault and very dignified in their bearing.
More like lions in their majestic stance and loyal demeanor,
As far as stout defenders, these guys are a reigning champion.

Unlike the lion, they are relatively short and certainly stout.
As far as races go, these guys aren’t likely to win,
Because they have heavy bones and stubby legs.
And with all that fur, that shouldn’t come as a surprise.
However give them a purpose and this dog goes all in.

One of the most interesting features of these pups is their tongue.
They are one of the few breeds that have blue- black tongues with spots.
For all of his build and odd characteristics, this pup is actually very agile.
Like bulldogs with a slightly less friendly disposition
Chow chows are great pets if you want smart because these dogs learn well what they are taught.

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Collie – With Dignity and Grace

The collie is one of the best known dog breeds in all of the world.
They look exactly like a stereo-typical dog with dignity and grace.
Any happiness or seriousness you can easily see on their face.

Starting with Lassie, they became a favorite in the home
And it’s no surprise given their sweet disposition.
They love the people in their home and take pride in any situation.

You can tell with a glance at their face, collies are quite intelligent.
They have a knowing look that does not dwarf their gentle nature,
They really are a most amazing canine creature.

Lithe and strong, a collie loves to be of use and to be active.
They seem to stand at attention when things get serious
And they seem to listen with a sageness that is mysterious.

There is no wondering why they are the 35th most popular dog.
They make fantastic companions and tend to be patient with others.
They make you smile as you get home and in kisses they want you to smother.

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Coonhound – Trackers and Treasures

To look at this guy, you would think that a coonhound is glum.
From the very droopy ears to the wobbly chin,
Every part of this dog seems to be ready to give in.
Then you see them in action and that idea completely vanishes
Because these dogs are neither sad nor dim.

Coonhounds are actually a very clever breed with a powerful nose.
They were bred to help track raccoons who could hide in the trees,
Because other hunting dogs preferred close to the ground, though it makes them sneeze.
So while other hounds look for things hidden in the brush,
Your coonhound can track things that it sometimes does, or sometimes doesn’t see.

The look of the coonhound is actually what helps to give them such a distinct advantage.
The ears help waft smells to their nose, but they are taller than many
Because they also need to follow scents in the air if there is any.
As most dogs chase things that are down low,
Coonhounds can follow wherever a raccoon or other climbing creature may go.

Not surprising that they are incredibly loving and very affectionate
Especially to those who train and hunt with them, although they seem to love almost everyone.
They love to be active and out doing things in the sun
But they can also help at night if that is when you like to be out.
If you want a dog that’s faithful and sweet, this could be the right one.

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Corgi – A Regal Breed with Fun and a Waggle Tail

Though there are varieties of the breed
Corgis are corgis no matter their type.
And if you are wondering if they live up to the hype
Consider all the people who find them to be a need.

Likely the most famous is Queen Elizabeth II and her pups.
She always seems to have at least a couple with her
Even in some portraits, so if you see them it won’t cause a stir.
If you had one too, for sitting neither would you want to give them up.

You should be warned if you are considering a dog.
Corgis have energy, enough to keep them on the run.
They love to play and mess about in the sun,
And they are surprisingly strong.

To look at them, you wouldn’t expect it
Because they are short with stubby legs
Which move so cutely if you teach yours to beg
Especially with their long backs holding them when they sit.

They are also incredibly intelligent.
Two things that are a bad combination if you like to lounge.
They need regular physical and mental exercise around
And can get into real trouble without it.

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Dachshund – Dashing about with a Dash of Cuteness

Commonly called the Weiner Dog
These guys do look like a moving hot dog on legs.
They are short and long, usually with short fur,
With little legs that seem in overdrive as they run,
Which they seem to be doing most of the time.
They are very popular because they are so much fun.

There are several types, including a few with long hair,
But most look sleek and sweet as they run about.
They tend to be curious, and that has been known
To get them into a wealth of trouble.
They can be active and bold with the right rearing
Or somewhat shy and skittish if raised in more of a bubble.

If you give a Dachshund an inch, he may take a mile
Simply because he’s curious and must explore it all.
They were bred as hunters of smaller creatures
Which explains the short stature and extremely long ears.
And if you raise yours to have a sense of adventure
You probably find that to travel with you, your dog is most eager.

If you want a quick guide to the right temperament for you:
Long haired Dachshunds tend to be quieter and more dignified;
Short haired are bolder and more prone to investigating
And the miniatures are prone to timidity and trembling.
They are all pretty small, but their personalities are varied.
So pay attention as your canine preferences you are assembling.

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Dalmatian – Doting over the Dotted Dears

Nearly everyone has heard about 101 and the fireman’s dog,
Dalmatians are an excellent dog if you’ve energy and love.
These pups are a mess of excitement and running
They are not the kind who sit outside just sunning.

They are curious, excitable, and oh so enthusiastic
And with their spots, your Dalmatian will look truly fantastic.
It is their spots that have likely won them attention
And their boundless excitement that wins your affection.

A relatively large dog, their homes need some space
Or else you will find these dogs constantly in your face.
Without constant action and the area to play
You’ll find a Dalmatian is hard to shake, sit, or stay.

If you’ve energy and want someone with dedication
A Dalmatian is perfect if exercise is your prescribed medication.
They will love you and your household as much as a dog can
Including your pets, and on that you can plan.

But the one thing to know if you want one of these guys,
They may be wary of strangers and they can be stubborn as the skies,
But with the right training and loving, they are a very sweet pet
And if you love exercising, they are as good as it gets.

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Doberman Pinscher – Dignified Protection and a Gentle Friend

If you’ve seen a Doberman, you will not forget it,
These pups have a look that is unique to their kind.
To look at one you may think it is imposing and cold
Which is why it is oft’ used to guard and protect,
But as for your home, a different story is told.

Dobermans are a very intelligent and loving breed.
Zoom in on that face and you’ll see love in her eyes.
They know nearly no fear and protect without thought.
In obedience it is hard to find a dog quite on this level
You’ll wonder why other breeds don’t do as they ought.

Of course there’s a price when you have a dog that has brains.
You must keep her engaged so that she won’t get bored
Because if a Doberman gets bored, it may resort to a playing of sorts,
The kind that’s destructive and leaves you with a large mess to clean.
Get engaged in being active, take your girl jogging or playing sports.

Their serious face and sleek, elegant muscles are what you’ll see
When you look at your dog as you two get acquainted.
If you give love and attention, that keeps your dog in line
You will find that these fearless dogs are one of a kind.
When she wants some action, she’ll give you a sign.

Dobermans do require you put them in their place
Because they like to know who’s in control
And what their role is with you.
If you don’t take the mantle
Your Doberman will decide what to do.

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English Foxhound – Eager to Please and to Play with the Pack

To look at this guy, you’ll think it’s a beagle grown up
And that isn’t too far off, both in appearance and behavior.
They need to have company, wherever they are
So you should make sure you or your pets never stray too far.

A dog bred for tracking, these dogs are quite lively
And with that solid tail, your boy will be quite hard to miss
Running around a dog park or walking by your side,
And just like the beagle, their love they don’t hide.

Though not known to be noisy, if your dog decides to speak
Know that a bay is what will come from his mouth.
It sounds intimidating and scary if you aren’t that sound expecting
But watch the tail wag and know he’s doing more than reflecting.

They are lovers of outdoors and being quite active.
You don’t want to keep them cooped up without some daily time out
Because like other working dogs, they don’t do well when bored
But with a companion they release any energy they’ve stored.

They don’t like to be alone and are bred to be with a pack
So if you are considering an English Foxhound for your own
Make sure to have at least one friend always around
Or bring home two of these sweethearts once the right ones you’ve found.

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French Bulldog – Miniature Models of Playful Love

When it comes to bulldogs, these don’t look the part,
For the French bulldog is very short, for a start.
Their face looks similar to that of the pug,
And the ears, they are large, like a deep channel’s been dug.
They are lapdogs at heart, but that you may take a while to learn
Because playing’s their favorite to do, then to sleep they return.
They are well-known to be playful and cheery
Making you laugh when you’re down or feel weary.
Because they entertain themselves with such enthusiasm
You’ll find your heart melts and you drop your sarcasm.
You don’t need to make walking a frequent event
Simply play with your pup until he is spent,
Then cuddle up on the couch for a short bit of napping.
Before you know it, your pup will start tapping
Wanting to entertain and enjoy your company again,
It’s enough to make even the grumpiest man grin.

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