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Tiger is tired, it’s been a long day.
Finally the people have gotten the hint
And started to prepare to head to bed.
Ready to lie down and rest his poor head.

The problem begins as the destination is reached.
One paw near the bed, the rest on the floor
Tiger blinks and stares at one spot
Seeing something unexpected. A cat? Certainly not.

Yet there in the middle like a mint on a pillow
Rest Tiddles the cat, looking up into Tiger’s eyes.
Not sleeping or resting, but entirely awake
Looking like he’s there for mere fighting’s sake.

Tiger has no idea what to do.
Despite his large size, ten times bigger than Tiddles
Tiger knows not how to extract that proud cat.
So he slinks off to think about that.

For the corner of the room he looks at his bed
Uncertain just why the world refuses to sleep.
When it’s not humans its cats who refuse his repose.
Now on the floor he sniffs sadly with his nose.

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Laying Claim

When it comes to competing between pets
Cats almost always come out on the top
There’s nearly no way for a dog to get them to stop
Because dogs don’t want to start a fight.
Seeing them lose is such a sad plight.

When a kitty decides that a bed is theirs
There’s only so much that a dog can do
And usually resorts to sitting and staring at you
Just like two children who want the same thing
But most dogs won’t step into that fighting ring.

Kitties look smug and kitties look bothered
But won’t think they won’t look is for a new bed.
It is now theirs, that’s enough said.
And nowhere will the cat go until it finds the time,
Then up the cat gets leaving the dog well behind.

Still you may witness some interesting fights
When dogs decide that it not how it should be
Then you will see how they fight desperately.
Each dog has their own tactic, their own approach
When a cat on their bed decides to encroach.

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