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Christmas Morning – 6 am

Waking to a commotion more muted that before

So contagious that it woke you in mid snore.

The kids are back at it with a bit more restraint

They hope this time not to get a complaint.

Again you join them as they head back to their parents

You still don’t understand, but excitement is back with a vengeance.


This time alpha is a bit more accepting this time around

Already her feet are touching the ground.

New shrieks fill the air and the children make a mad dash

Sparking a response in the form of a good tongue-lash.

Unable to take it all in you chase after the lot

Waiting to see the twist in this plot.


Back in the rooms the kids are nowhere to be found.

Tongue hanging out you take off with a bound.

Down the stairs you make a new plan

Too bad you lack the right attention span.

You find them in the living room dancing about

The plan that you had, you forget to carry it out.


Instead you join in the exciting hullabaloo

This part you understand and know just what to do.

You dash between each of the kids

Getting petted, patted, and loved for nothing you did.

This is the best day ever, you know it will be

You can tell just by looking and the things that you see.


Beta comes in and sits down with his pups

That is your sign, and with that you are up.

Licking his face and showing him that you  are part of the pack

When you get his attention you roll over on your back.

Alpha comes in and orders everyone to their posts

Whatever this is, it’s what you want the most!

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Christmas Morning – 4 am

Waking up at 4 am to the sound of children’s shrieks

Their excitement has been building for weeks.

The children are jumping and dancing around their beds

It’s hard to understand a thing that they’ve said.

With joyous looks on their faces they take off down the hall

What is happening? There’s no way to understand it all.


The kids are now bouncing around a different bed

And in it are the parents barely moving their heads.

One finally makes a motion to look at the clock

The reaction is quick once the parent has taken stock.

“It’s too early for this! Now go back to sleep.

No arguments or fighting, Back to bed! Not a peep!”


Their spirits seem barely hampered as they head back.

From the way they are talking it’s clear they are making plan of attack.

It’s almost too much excitement bounding after them

Even if the root of the excitement is a mysterious gem.

It is clear no matter what the alpha says sleep will not come

But none of you can laze around like a bum.


Back in the bedroom children and dog try to keep it down

There’s no reason to gain another early morning frown.

The morning can be spent in building excitement

The kind that is usually reserved as an enticement

To get mom to go to the playground or out for some fun

The kind that usually means the only release is to run.


Deep in the room the excitement is building

Leaving all participants with the ultimate filling:

Anticipation and joy for the day ahead.

All those in the room feel the joy spread.

Sure they must wait for a bit, but not a dog,

Tired from the excitement time to sleep like a log.

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