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Mad May

After months of the cold, the snow, and the rain, Tot loved May.
It was warm, it was beautiful, and the sun shone all day.
In his excitement Tot would about lose his little mind
He spent his time running around. A way out he would find.
If there was one around, he would even jump the window.
Once outside he would run in tight circles, barking quite so
That the neighbors would start talking, “He’s lost all his marbles.”
But to Tot the talk was no more than humanly garbles.

The noise he ignored, it was movement that he was seeking
Little animals were bound to come out, shyly peeking
Around the trees with their twitchy noses and mobile tails.
He knew he must catch them, no chance his quick movements would fail.
Each day he would repeat the same wild-eyed, happy rampage.
His mad May behavior would last even to his old age.

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Anxious April

Eggy was one of the brightest of dogs in town.
But her people had such trouble calming her down
When April came in with its constant down pours.
The thunder! The lightening! Eggy would frown.
Then yelp and duck under the covers.
She would stay there and cower
For far too many an hour.
Treats and coaxing could only do so much.
The poor girl was way too frightened
That it was the world’s end
Until things began to lighten.
Like a turtle, Eggy would poke out her head
Then her huge body would emerge from under the bed.
Her people would feel bad because it wouldn’t last.
Odds were high tomorrow would see more rain.
Poor little Eggy. Such a huge body that could easily drain from a storms loud pain.
Eggy was ever so sweet
faithful and adoring as can be!!
To know Eggy was to love her, as you would see.
Though she feared the storms and coward while they lasted
Once they were gone she did everything that was asked,
From getting their shoes to cleaning spilled food.
With this sweet girl they would learn to protect her timid mood from any storms that loomed!!

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Marvelous March

Tandy loved March for its turbulent nature.
She would sit at the window as the month rolled in
Barking her warning to the leaves blowing by,
Or at squirrels who dared come down from on high.
Her favorite thing was when her masters let her out
To chase was what she wanted most.
The thrill of the chase! Now that was most fun
Until late March with the rise of the sun.

By mid-March things were already quite tame,
But by the end of March things got so warm
It was the best time to just lie in the sun
Warming her belly until clouds started to swarm.
With a lazy bark Tandy woofed up at it
Letting the sun know not to be gone to long.
Tandy loved the sun and the feel of the rain,
Her people knew she was so strange.

From happy and bouncy as the month came in
To lazy days and relaxing in the sun or shade
Tandy loved March more than any other month.
All through her life that love would never fade.

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Frivolous February

Freddie loved lounging around his house,
That is why he thought February was best.
The routine was back, the people were gone,
And the home was all his, so he would nest.

How could a dog be aware of months, you ask?
It was really quite simple, he listened to talk.
Freddie was small, but so smart,
Though you’d never know the way he would squawk.

He didn’t have a great bark, but it was enough
When people knocked on his door, he would shout.
But that was one reason to love February,
People stayed away, they simply weren’t about.

So he would recline and enjoy the serene.
The people came home all mild, really subdued.
Freddie would greet them from his comfy spot,
It was as if with his laziness they were imbued.

They would change out of their work clothes
And flop down on one of the comfy couches.
They would order food, hardly moving from their spots,
Everyone was happy in their little retiring pouches.

Every February was spent in this way.
It was exactly what Freddie wanted to last forever.
His people around, no guests to distract,
For a small little guy Freddie was clever.

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Jarring January

To Coco, January was always a month of oddities.
She hated that the routine was a bit out of whack,
Right from the start the people acted so bizarre,
Staying up to late, way too late by far.
One day when she was excited about going out,
She was faced with something she knew nothing about.

The little people danced after looking out the window.
For whatever reason they did not go off to school,
Instead they put on bulky clothes and laughed.
Coco didn’t know why but she thought it was cool.
Like the boys she danced and enjoyed the feel in the air,
She had no idea what it was out there.

They threw open the door and both boys dashed through,
With Coco right on their heels wanting to play too.
But with a sudden shock her paws touched something white.
It was cold and the wet. Poor Coco didn’t know what to do.
So she bolted to the door hoping to get back by the fire,
Her fear and uncertainty were dire.

Then some of the white hit her on the nose.
It didn’t hurt, so Coco licked her nose where it hit.
It was nice. It was fine. It didn’t seem so bad now.
In fact she kind of liked it, if only a little bit.
Coco turned and padded over to the white,
Not sure how to behave, not sure what was right.

She looked at the boys and saw something she thought odd.
They were throwing the white stuff and laying and wiggling around.
With a sniff, she placed a paw into the white stuff.
It was cold, but under it she could still feel the ground.
With a bit of a hop and jump she was out in the snow.
They went inside happy, despite being cold down to their toes.

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