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Victory Of The Disc

The smell of fresh cut grass and aging trees
I sense them both as I stand by Master’s knees.
I merely sit and blink awaiting one command.
I don’t even notice as people cheer in the stand.

Tense and ready, I prepare to bolt and run
My master looks down and smiles like the sun.
“Are you ready boy?” He whispers and grins
“You bet!” I bark out, waiting on pins.

He holds the disc back and time seems to freeze
All the while I eagerly await at his knees.
Then with one quick motion the world starts to fly
And the disc is released before I bat an eye.

The disc leaves his hand, flying away,
My muscles react without a delay.
Watching the flow of the disc through the air,
My legs pump move alone as if unaware.

Within no time at all I see the disc’s flight,
And adjust my legs to match the line of my sight.
It arcs and descends in a well practiced path,
And I think “Got you!” in my ecstatic wrath.

That disc always tries to make an escape,
Tricking my Master, and flying cross rolling landscapes.
With justice and pride, I jump and retrieve,
Perhaps, just perhaps, I’ll get a few minutes reprieve.

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Tyson the lab is a happy old oaf
Until you see him submerged in the water,
If you take a stick down to the water side,
Throw it in and he’s awkward no longer.
He’ll galumph right past, legs flailing everywhere
And he’ll hit the water with a solid SMACK
But then you’ll see him turn into a fuzzy fish
Or some odd duck that says “Bark” instead of “Quack”.
His powerful legs take him way up stream,
Chugging along like it was not work to pass through
Such motions you couldn’t believe if you’ve seen him on land.
Like all labs, in water he knows just what to do.
With a move like a shark he grabs out for the stick,
Flipping around so smooth and so quick.
That silly old boy makes it right back to you,
Begging for more. At least it’s easy and entertaining to do.

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Wide Open Spaces

I love those
Wide open spaces.

The ones
We share with
Other happy faces.

The ones we
Run and jump
And play Frisbee in.

The ones we
Visit when you feel
Like being a kid again.

The ones we
Can run in without
Worrying ‘bout cars.

The ones we
Stumble upon
When we’re near or far.

The ones we,
Frequently, have a
Picnic or barbecue in.

The ones we,
Hopefully, get to
Explore like Indians.

The ones we,
Sometimes, get to
Enjoy all by ourselves.

The ones we
Love for not havin’
All the whistles and bells.

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