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Like A Worn Out Bone

Balled up socks,

And chewed up rugs;

I can’t get enough,

Of that worn out stuff.


Ah, the memories,

They conjure up,

Of nubby bones,

That are all but gone.


I find comfort,

In old timey things,

In bald ratty toys,

That used to make noise.


In the T-shirts,

Socks and mittens,

You’ve relinquished,

After I’ve destroyed ‘em.


In the many,

Hidden treasures,

I’ve tried to hoard,

In corners and cupboards.


All that stuff,

Reminds me of,

A worn out bone;

The kind that makes a house a home!

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A Longer Leash

I see other dogs,

With a longer leash,

And I wonder why,

You’re so close to me.


I look around,

And what do I see?

A plethora of leads,

As long as can be!


Could it be?

Am I seeing things?

After all, that’s a fairly,

Thin piece o’string!


And, after all,

Who really cares?

The closer you are,

The less I feel scared.


More than that,

I like to know,

That you’re near me,

Wherever we go!

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Dogs Bring Help You See Past the Clouds on a Gloomy Day

The warmth and love of a dog brings a sense of hope into world

They carry a loving heart and kindness buried throughout their soul


The love they share,

All the care they bare,

Helps people to open their hearts,

To experience a unique love

A love they would not be able to find anywhere


Love and friendship with your dog brings a new meaning to one’s life.

They help you see past the clouds on a gloomy day

They bring sunlight everyday


Dogs make you look at the world in a different light

When the skies are dark, they make it look bright

Because all dogs bring a joy to every girl and boy


The care in their eyes,

The love in their hugs,

Their playful personality,

Their warm and tender hearts they carry


Makes you open the doors to your heart

They teach people who love to love more…

They teach people who stopped loving to love again once more…


The happiness dogs give fills our hearts with love,


And laughter 


When we holds happiness in our hearts,

We are able to deliver happiness to others

Teaching others the importance of having a life filled with love,


And laughter


Each day has so much more meaning when their spent with the dogs you love,

Life is meaningless without love,

And whether it is with a person or an animal,

Everyone needs to love

Someone or something


Let your dog or some dog who needs a home

Be the one-

The one who makes you laugh,

The one who surprises you and fills your day with fun,


Dogs take the stresses of life away

With a touch or a lick or a hug


A dog’s love is unconditional,

They will always have a space in their heart for you

So take a moment of your time

To find a dog to love

A dog you will cherish

A dog that will fill your heart with special memories to remember


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Star Light Star Bright the First Doggie Star I See Tonight

What a perfect night tonight

As the warm air and cool breeze surrounds me

I look high into the sky

What a beautiful sight I see

Oh my can it be?

A shooting star flying by me

As I continue to watch,

The bright stars shining down on me

I quietly think to myself…


What if they weren’t stars,

Shining oh so high in the sky

What if they were doggies watching over me,

Loving and protecting me,


Beautiful dogs,

In spirit,

Taking care of me from the high heavens above

Just like, they would if they were on earth

Except these dogs have the power to make any wish come true


The brighter the star,

The closer they are…

So, maybe if I made a wish they could hear me,

So here, it goes…

One doggie to another



Star bright,

The first doggie star I see tonight,

I wish I may,

I wish I might

Wish for world peace tonight


One world,

Working as one,

With one common goal,

And 100% love in their soul

Where war and violence does not exist

Just peace, love and harmony

Where evil is not an option

And goodness is the only alternative

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The Big Surprise

Oh Robbie,

Oh Robbie,

Close your eyes,

Mommy has big surprise!


I look to left,

I look to the right,

I covered my eyes really tight

“Oh mommy,”

Oh mommy,”

“What’s the surprise?”


She tippy-toed in and said,

 “Open your eyes it’s time for the big surprise!”


I let down my hands,

My eyes widened,

As I nestled with joy

To find a puppy waiting by the door


I jumped up from my seat

And dashed to the door within a second of a heartbeat

“Oh mommy, can we name him Pete?”

She looked at me and chuckled with joy

“Sure, we can Peter!”


I held Pete tightly in my arms,

And loudly I said,


I promise to give you all my love now and forever,

I’ll always keep your love close to my heart

So that we’ll never grow apart.

I promise to take care of you

Even when you get old or sick

I promise to offer you all the happiness I’m capable of giving you,

I promise to set aside time to play and become the best of friends


As time quickly rolls on…

I promise to look back on all the good times with a smile,

The future is ours

To enjoy our time together as you are now a part of our family

From this day on, we have bonded

And every moment we spend together

Will be a special memory to remember

That will be stored in my heart forever… 

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Dogs Create a New Meaning to Life

Dogs are wonderful,

Dogs are great,

Dogs are wonderful to have as your mate,

Dogs bring happiness into our home,

They bring hope into this world


Dogs create a new meaning to life

By helping, you see the world in a different light

 They help you see past the clouds on a glooming day

They bring sunlight everyday

Each day has so much more meaning when you wake up to see your best buddy right by your bedside


Dogs love you for who you are

 Not what you should be,

They don’t care if you’re in a wheel chair,

They don’t care if you cannot talk,

They don’t care if you have an illness,

Or whatever the case may be,

This is the true meaning of love and friendship

Between an owner and its dog


Each day is a new day to look forward to

Because you know, it will be filled with love, joy and happiness

Given to you by your special friend

Your buddy that stands by your side,

Through thick and thin

Through the good times and the bad


It is no surprise to realize

How my life becomes one happy dream,

One big ball of joy,

As I share it with that special someone,

My buddy,



Dogs teach you the true meaning of love and friendship through their actions,

Whatever love they give to you,

Always remember, it is important to give the same amount of love back

 Having a heart filled with gold is useless when you have no one to share it with

So take a moment today,

To give your buddy a big hug,

With lots of love,

Each moment is a memory,

So make it a very special one

One to remember,

One to cherish,

One to hold in your heart forever

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A Dream Come True

The day has just begun

My eyes pop wide open

Feeling warm and fuzzy underneath the soft covers

As I hover up from the covers

I feel an overwhelming sense of joy

As I wake up to a sunny day,

Feeling the warmth of the sun peer through the window shades

It is an exciting feeling,

An inviting feeling

A feeling of joy,

Even better than playing with my favorite toy



I look to the right

With a little bit of fright

Silly me

It’s just my dog Lee

Pushing the door open with his paw


He hopped on the bed

And knocked me right down

As he licked my face

And got right underneath the covers with me


Oh Lee,

I’m so lucky to have you in my life

There’s no better friend than you

You’re so loving,

So kind,

So trusting and warm


You’re as wonderful as the flowers that bloom outside my home

I love you more that my favorite comb

You always make me laugh,

You always make me smile

When I look at you,

I see the beauty of the world that God has created and the window of opportunities it holds.

You give courage,

You give me strength,

I know I will succeed,

Because you are such an inspiration to me,

I know if God created someone as wonderful as you than anything in life is possible

And that all my dreams

Will become a dream come true

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A Dog’s Heart Is like the Rain

Sitting quietly in the corner,

On my comfy crème couch

Gazing out the window

Staring up so high into the sky

As I watch the rain fall in form of a ball  

Trickling onto the ground

Pitter, pattering off the cold white cobblestone 

Hugging my dog, “Roe and Bow”

Thinking to myself,

Boy, I’m so lucky to have great dogs like you

Snuggling next to me,

So tight,

Never more than an arm away in sight

Always protecting me with all their might

Day and Night

“I love you, Roe and Bow”

I love 

Your big, dark eyes,

Your wet little noses,

Shaped like hoses,

Your furry little bodies

Which keep me so warm

Especially, on a cold winter day like today

Their bodies are so small,

Yet their hearts are so big

Filled with lots of love



Their hearts go…

Just like the rain pitter-pattering off the cold white cobblestone 

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Saving A Life

Before my best friend move in, my life was dull
Every day I worked too long and ate so awful.
Something had to change, and I got a dog.
That’s when my life changed from the routine slog.
First we got to know each other in obedience class
Riley was no pup, so he learned really fast
In no time at all we walked twice a day,
Eating for health became a priority, all junk I rescind
Now I have learned to live the right
Don’t underestimate the benefits of your canine friend.

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Cold Air & How Our Hounds Can Help Us Fare

Come winter and the frozen ground is like a magnet for some hounds!! They love the cold air, it powers them up so they can really excel and ring their bell as they will howl and yell!!

It’s a ruff time of year for some of us humans as the trees are bare and a lot of the wild animals hibernate in the cold air!! But If you have a best friend that happens to covered in hair they can show you how to fare and make the most of this winter stare!!

Dogs need to get outside even in the coldest of times so for us it creates a must do which is actually sometimes just the gust we need to get us out and brave the elements indeed!! The crisp cold air can awaken a humans long winter stare and maybe ignite a spark to help us get a start to find a place for this time of year in our heart!!

With the winter and cold solace comes the promise of warmer times which can comfort our colder side though sometimes be a boring ride!!

But instead of wishing time to fly let’s try to enjoy every moment before it goes by!! A dog because of their needs will push us to spend sometime in the colder side!! But as WooFDriver says appreciation is then key to enjoy life and some of the dreams may than ignite!! If we learn to deal with some less comfortable means we will savor the other scenes with more passion and therefore relegate and enjoy time in a more defined and acquired fashion!!

With the cold we can hold the promise of warmth even if it is in the fire that’s indoors!! This can be the view to be that helps us get through some of the less attractive scenes but still stay in hot pursuit of all our dreams!!

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